web design & graphics

Every one of our websites is built around aesthetically pleasing graphics, custom tailored to captivate the audience of your web site or project. We will work with any imagery provided or can provide art and graphics design work from scratch. Our web designers will make sure the graphics scale to work with both low and hi resolution monitors so there is never any wasted space. We can even take professional on-site photographs for you if necessary!

web development

While geoHa specializes in web design & development for the small business and individual, we also work with churches, non-profits, and larger organizations. Our web design solutions are comprehensive and include: content management systems (Mura), custom application development, dynamic & low maintenance websites, graphics design, SEO, and web analytics. We will maximize the compatibility of your website by conforming to current web standards!


Google search controls over 90% of the worlds search engine traffic. Geoha will search engine optimize (SEO) any website we build (or your existing site) to work best with Google & Bing search. Our engineers have spent countless hours learning how to bend Google to our will, and we will insure that your website performs on Google. We will gear the keywords and phrases to high volume search terms most relevant to your website starting out. This website made the Top 5 Google results in 7 days!

web analytics

Geoha can analyze your website to provide excellent insight into your audience, traffic, search terms and referrals, content and user engagement, and more. Any website we build comes with advanced analytical capability that will tell you how your site is doing on the web. We prefer high quality traffic over high-volume / low quality traffic. We will use analytics to help continually tweak and optimize / SEO your website, which should increase your customers and sales.
For local clients, geoHa is able to offer state of the art photography services for your business. If you need a website but do not have the photos of your business or product, this is a service we are more than willing to provide, often times free of charge. For examples of our recent work, check out Palmetto Moon Gallery & Simply Southern. Some of our clients website needs are met by simply creating a photo gallery to showcase their products and store. Ask us about our photography service!
google adsense
geoHa has a great deal of experience in online advertising campaigns and can assist your business in choosing and tailoring an online advertising campaign to meet your needs. We are able to provide this service as a single engagement or on an on-going basis (where we handle your entire advertising campaign for you), insuring that the campaign stays within your budget while maximizing clicks from your target audience. We believe in a high ROI (return on investment) with advertising campaigns, and often develop custom web applications to track your ad performance. For example, see Brakes 4 Less VIP.